Sponsorship / Advertise with EGL

European Gaming League (EGL) is Europe's premier destination for competitive gamers both online and off.

We offer cost effective advertising, marketing and exhibition opportunities aimed towards a passionate and powerful demographic. Get in touch with us and we'll work along side you to find the perfect sponsorship opportunity for your company or product. Previous brands and partners we've worked with include Microsoft, GAME Stores, Mad Catz, Rockstar Energy Drink, Capcom, THQ, Rijo42 and SCAN Computers.

Primed and Ready: The EGL Target Audience

  • Reach the estimated 40 million competitive gamers in Europe
  • The EGL Audience is young, tech-savvy and shows extreme brand loyalty
  • Target a male and female audience between the ages of 16 and 22
  • Reach an audience that plays on multiple gaming platforms including PC, Xbox 360 and PS3
  • 65% of our demographic works a part-time or full-time job to support their interest
  • 50% of our players have built or upgraded their own computer

EGL Online

  • EGL Online: 50,000+ member database
  • EGL offers tournaments on the Xbox 360, PS3, PC and mobile platforms
  • We strive to offer our users free-to-play tournaments that are fun, social and of the highest quality
  • Twitter Followers: 7000+ people
  • Facebook Reach: 10,000+ people
  • Media Partners Distribution: 40,000+ people via multiple communities

EGL Events

  • Average Event Attendance: 1000+ players and spectators
  • EGL 5 hosted the World's largest Call of Duty offline tournament ever, attracting 113 teams and 452 participants
  • EGL 7 featured players from 11 different countries including Italy, Portugal, Spain, Canada and the United States
  • EGL 8 featured over 650 teams and players with an estimated attendance of over 10,000 people

EGL Live Broadcast

  • EGL events feature live broadcasts much like a televised sporting event with full partner branding
  • Each EGL event has up to five distinct live channels with full presentation and commentary
  • EGL 7 attracted over 250,000 unique viewers with almost a million page views in two days
  • EGL 8 reached a peak audience of over 12,000 viewers who tuned in for 44 minutes on average
  • Our audience outnumbers many European television channels, creating a fantastic exposure opportunity for our partners
  • EGL Online broadcasts weekly live shows which are broadcast on Twitch.TV and are available via YouTube Video On Demand

Maximum Your Brand Expose

  • Reach a live event audience of over 1000 players and spectators
  • Reach a minimum broadcast audience of over 250,000 unique viewers
  • Reach a loyal and supportive audience who are passionate towards the brands that support their hobby
  • Associate your brand with a market leader in competitive and social gaming events worldwide
  • Multi-channel marketing opportunities via web, print and live broadcasts
  • International, national and local promotional opportunities through our community partners
  • VIP access to EGL events and online tournaments