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EGL Summoner's Shield #11 (Unranked to Gold)

Posted on 26 October, 2013 14:39 GMT     ConsoleGaming     Comments (9)



General Information
Tournament Format: Single Elimination
Sign up close: 23:59 BST - 7th November
Tournament starts: 9th November
Team Limit : 256
Team size : 5v5
Team Constraints: Bronze to Gold summoners only. Any other rank will be ineligible to enter. Rank is locked for the tournament at sign up close.
Rules: Link

Tournament Day:
1.Read the rules Here
2. Check the brackets here
3. Check the FAQ for any questions you might have
Don't forget to Sign up for the next  tournaments before they are full:
Unranked - Gold (23rd Nov)
 Any Rank (Next Weekend!!)



    Prizes (Confirmed)
    1st place: 3200 RP & Triumphant Ryze skin per player
    2nd place: 2400 RP per player
    3rd place: 1600 RP per player
    4th place: 800 RP per player



    Tournament Rounds
    Each round will have a maximum of two games streamed. The streaming list will go up on the news board no later than 24 hours before tournament start. If your game is to be streamed, EGL Staff will host the game. Please see the rules or below the bracket (after roster lock) for start times for each round.



    How to Sign Up
    1. Create a team by clicking Create Team
    2. Invite your teammates by clicking here
    3. Sign up to the tournament by clicking Sign Up
    4. Check you've signed up here



    Teams List
    You can view a list of teams signed up to the tournament by clicking here



    To see the preliminary brackets click here



    The winning team captain must screenshot the after game lobby and post it in the #7 limited rank topic, on the EGL forums. If this is not done, we cannot guarantee your victory or your potential prize. As the winning team, this is your responsibility.



    If you require a member of staff, please use the staff contact page which can be found here



    General Rules
    If a team does not turn up 15 minutes after the set start time then please contact an admin. If however the previous round score has not been reported then please wait until the bracket is updated before reporting the no show.



Agamoka Posted time 03:16 PM, 04-11-2013
e-s xDDDDDDDDl ebin
Specfide Posted time 04:22 PM, 05-11-2013
How do i know what time My team Will play?
Brotector Posted time 07:58 PM, 05-11-2013
Of anyone needs a top/mid/jungle player add ne on euw ign same as here Brotector.
Olivo Posted time 12:34 PM, 06-11-2013
Cant sign my team up because it saids that the tournament is full.
Is this true or som bug?
Grecko Posted time 06:08 PM, 07-11-2013
hi I'm from the team 2paca,
I wanted to ask if you can rausnehemen our team since we can not yet
thank you
Grecko Posted time 06:08 PM, 07-11-2013
Grecko Posted time 07:10 PM, 07-11-2013
or we have some1 its okay
F0RUM Posted time 07:13 PM, 07-11-2013
Woow.Is it full? brackets look pretty empty.
Kenjii Posted time 08:05 AM, 08-11-2013
Hey guys my team had registered but its now not shown on the bracket any idea why??